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Tutorial Admin Abuse

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Tutorial Admin Abuse Empty Tutorial Admin Abuse

Post by Medic# on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:18 am

Hello everyone !
I copied this tutorial made by Jane. idk if it can help.

What does "level abuse" mean?

It means that you use your commands in situations where you are not allowed to use them.

These situations might are:
- renaming players for no reason
- muting players for no reason
- splating players for no reason
- kicking players for no reason
- baning players for no reason
- launching / throwing players for no reason
- shuffling teams while players want to keep teams as they are
- doing !next while players want to keep the current map
- putting players randomly in other teams or putting players into spec for no reason
- setting players to a rank which they shouldn't have, for example a visitor to level 100
- doing "funny commands" on players that don't feel like joking.

Another example for abusing your level is !launch and !throw on TJ, the objective maps. If it is an objective map you may not use them, the usage is an abuse of level.
If it isn't one you may use them, you are, of course allowed to !launch and !throw yourself as much as you want but : yourself and not others.
If you don't know if it's an objective map or not ask admins if some are on the server.

Who can abuse ?

Everyone that got level. The higher admin are the one who got the most commands.

What will happen when you abuse your level?

Depends on what you did. Or whether this was a repetition of abuse.
You might get only a warning but you also can get demoted!
In worse case you can even get banned for it so be careful with your commands.

How can you prevent it?

Easy but good question. The slogan is use your commands only when they are REALLY needed.
And if they are needed don't exaggerate.
Someone who says "f*k* you" doesn't have to be banned 30 days
Don't fool around with them, don't use them because you are maybe in rage or annoyed about some player.

How to prevent others from abusing?

Preventing abuse is a unpleasant topic and in most cases not directly possible.
And again it depends on what kind of abuse.
And don't forget: take always screenshots or make demos when you found an abuser.

If you see someone abusing his commands on other players without any reason, as I already said, take screenshots and/or record demos and post them, actions will be taken then.

What to do if the abuser does not stop?

You caught an abuser, you told him to stop abusing but he does not care and keeps abusing?
Then it is your job to report him! As already mentioned: take screenshots or make demo and post it !
Don't forget to post in the right section, choose a fitting topic title and explain the situation as exact as possible!
EVERY detail is important ! Admins will then read your topic and take actions.
If you aren't sure whether someone abused or not you are always free to ask an admin about his opinion.

Remember: Always take screenshots!

You should never forget:
Commands are a privilege, a responsibility, a sign of trust by higher admins, not a toy.

PS : maybe it isn't such as original. I think I lost some sentences/words by copy it. Anyway most of informations are here.

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Tutorial Admin Abuse Empty Re: Tutorial Admin Abuse

Post by Q'-Sylux- on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:39 am

Even though this is mostly just common moral sense it's still a must read for all admins and even members to. It's not just warning others whats admin abuse, its rules on what admins should NOT do and what will happen if they do abuse their powers.
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Tutorial Admin Abuse Empty Re: Tutorial Admin Abuse

Post by Q'-Jane- on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:40 am

Hahaha you saved it? xD

Nice, means for me I do not have to search it on my external HD xD
Nice one lol

Tutorial Admin Abuse 1g6dt
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Tutorial Admin Abuse Empty Re: Tutorial Admin Abuse

Post by Sponsored content

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